Una riga/frase di descrizione breve.

Put four friends, each with their own story to tell, the desire to get back into the game want to smile.

Put the power coming off but never disappear, only hidden, maybe after a few wrinkles, a few tears, a few pounds more to situations not choices but it happened.

Put that being a woman is terribly fascinating, even if you have to be to have courage, strength of will and love, initially for themselves.

Every woman deserves to receive this love, deserves to be happy, despite the wrinkles, tears, the pounds and situations “uncomfortable.”

What I wanted was just that, focusing attention on the innate beauty of women, of those who become perfections and imperfections, make it clear that no one must feel inadequate for happiness.

Special thanks to those who have worked with me to make this my real project:

  • Location: Canonica di Corteranzo (AL)
  • Photography: Le Fotografie di Chiara
  • Hair Stylist: Arianna Gennaro
  • Dresses: Manuela Fior d’Arancio
  • Models: Jessica, Veronica, Evelyne.

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