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Sunday, March 6, 2016 Castle of Frassinello (AL) From 10.00 to 18.30 Free entry

by Ingrid Moro • Senza categoria @en

This word is enclosed all I’m trying in the last days before the long-awaited.
Sunday, March 6, 2016 from 10:00 am will open the doors to the Frassinello Castle for the open day single-brand dedicated to the world of marriage and therefore to all future newlyweds.

Because single-brand? To create a solid group of employees and not to allow that they can devote to you in the best way, without haste, nor stress.

Why to Frassinello Castle? Because it boasts of a long history, because unlike other majestic castles is a more intimate and familiar, because it overlooks some 60 neighboring countries, because to get there you will enjoy a picture postcard setting, because you’ll miss watching its frescoes , because it is a UNESCO treasure … and sorry if it is little.

Why come? For ideas, tips and advice by selected professionals, to be able to enjoy a beautiful location, in order to enjoy a proposal for a wedding lunch, for a different drink than usual for a Sunday out of town.

In short, we are curious to know you and you?

Sunday, March 6, 2016
Castle of Frassinello
Via Garibaldi 1, Frassinello M.to (AL)
From 10.00 to 18.30
Free entry

*13.00: Wedding Lunch edited by ‘L Cornalin of Brusasco (TO) on reservation


Welcome aperitif

“Albese” meat dumpling (raw meat) filled with “Roccaverano robiola” (fresh cheese)
“Tonno di coniglio” (rabbit cold meat) on a bed of arugula
Carrots flan with anchovies cream

Handmade “agnolotti” (pasta filled with roast meat) with white ragu (meat sauce)
Carnaroli rice “Re Carlo” (a quality of rice) with Chardonnay wine and aromatic herbs

Tangerine and Granmariner sorbet

Roast veal shank of “fassone” quality with carrots and roast potatoes

Nuts cake IGP
Marsala zabaglione


Water – Coffee
35,00 Euros

35,00 euro

*17.30: Closing drink offered by E20 bar/catering of Brescia.

The operators present:
i-LoveDay wedding and events planner _ Gabiano (AL)
‘L Cornalin catering _ Brusasco (TO)
E20 bar/catering _ Brescia
Selene cake designer _ M.to Cerrina (AL)
Verde Cannella wedding partecipation _ Rivarolo (TO)
Luciana Demaria flower designer _ Trino (VC)
Diagaz photo _ Brescia
M&C Lab favors _ Casale M.to (AL)
Barbara Dova make up _ Alexandria
Equipe Cristina hair stylist _ Crescentino (VC)
Lady Barbara Atelier _ Arquata Scrivia (AL)
Erik Stefler dj and producer _ Casale M.to (AL)
Braggio wine tasting _ Mombello M.to (AL)
Max Faletto jewels _ Cavagnolo (TO)
Il Girasole beauty center _ Cavagnolo (TO)
I-Go Travel travel agency _ Tronzano Viale (VC)
Punto Stampa _ press Chivasso (TO)

For info and reservations:
+39 338 8206510


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