“Be the designer of your own destiny.”

I'd like to start with this quotation by Oscar de la Renta, above all because I consider him a great stylist, who created dresses as he was making a work of art and then because it's my life motto and consequently my work too and it's exactly what I've always tried to do.
I always work hard in every aspect, I tend to reach perfection, making people who turn to me happy and satisfied.
I consider myself an absolutely creative person and my creativity has been increased throughout the years by several travels I took, during which I've always tried to “absorb” tradition, customs, colours, scents of other cultures and religions.

My Mission:
The Wedding Planner

I deal with planning weddings in every aspect or, for people who want to make everything on their own but short of ideas, they can can contact me anyway to have a project. I always try to reach perfection, attention to details, colours, lights, atmospheres, refinement, balance, to make your wedding creative and unique. I listen to the bride and the groom needs, trying to clarify their ideas and their tastes, their hobbies and everything that can be useful to make that day really “personal,” because, after all, communication is the most important thing to succeed in everything.

Perfection & Attention to Details

It ‘s the details that makes the difference, for this reason, I always try to be attentive to the details that distinguish each pair of future groom.

Harmonious & Elegant Atmospheres

Elegance is a way of being, it is never boring, never banal, is loved by all, is the great classic that will never go out of style.

Creative & Unique Wedding

Creativity, another element that often tend to put in my weddings and events to make them absolutely unique, original and above all unforgettable.

Recent articles in My Blog

Merry Christmas!

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I wish you to be happy, to be positive and think that there is always a reason to be.



Take away the cold and the greyness that accompanies most of the days of this month, in November also has its positive sides.

“Just say … YES!” is coming

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Sunday, March 6, 2016
Castle of Frassinello (AL)
From 10.00 to 18.30
Free entry

Birthday Pool Party


For those who celebrated on the birthday in this period, very good idea is to do it by the pool.

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